Stephanie Van Driesen

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“Van Driesen has a leading lady’s voice, one that both surrounds and delves deep into her audience.”
– The Star

Stephanie’s voice has been described as “hauntingly beautiful” by New Straits Times, whether belting out showtunes, caressing with an intimate ballad, or enticing as the sultry temptress, she is at home singing Broadway, Jazz, Pop, World Music and Opera.


On stage and on screen, Stephanie’s acting portfolio spans Shakespeare, Physical Theatre, Realism, Pinter, and collaborating on original works. She considers her roles in musical theatre to be acting driven, unafraid to give it her all. The Star on her performance in Sondheim’s Merrily We Roll Along (2014) – “…Stephanie Van Driesen, who plays Frank’s wife Beth, hammered home the Not A Day Goes By tune with such vigour and raw melancholy.”

“Van Driesen’s varied expressions, casting aspersions with a simple nod or indicating her disgust with a pointed glance is incredible, and the way she masks her emotions — expected of women at the time — is simply amazing. Emma is polished yet akin to the occasional swig of vodka straight from the bottle, and Van Driesen captures that duality very well.”
– The Edge, Harold Pinter’s Betrayal Review “Dual Benefit” 30/05/2017


East 15 Acting School MA / MFA Acting International presents:
3 WINTERS by Tena Stivicic

JUNE 7 / 9 / 11, 2018

#3WintersE15 #3WintersIsComing


“Stephanie is currently pursuing her MFA in Acting (International) postgraduate degree at East 15 Acting School, London. Stay tuned for more upcoming public performance details.”


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