Gosh, what a journey it has been!
My last few weeks in KL were peppered with performing with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra in Ola Bola the Movie with Live Music, while organising my visa, moneys, and still fundraising.


I arrived in London on September 19, and headed straight to stay with a friend in London, near Tower Bridge. I crashed after the 13.5 hrs flight, but the cold weather and London air was definitely a welcome change from the hot humidity of KL.

I waffled about the next few days recovering from the bullet-train pace of the last few months by walking around Southbank, checking out the Thames, the Tate Modern, and Shakespeare’s Globe, where I am so privileged to perform at in December, as part of the course! I have recently seen a staging of King Lear there last week, and just standing right in the centre I was spellbound and cemented my desires to perform professionally here and as far as my ambition will take me.

Orientation Week beginning September 25 was a whirlwind of briefings and practicalities. It became apparent the level of professionalism and seriousness with which a career in the arts here is viewed, and boy do the British love their long-winded pamphlets of terms and conditions! There has been so much information to digest – everything from opening a bank account, to registrations and unions, etc, but all part of the process, though tedious. I’m serious about this so all in a week’s work haha! I also managed to secure a lovely room with a Hungarian family at a very affordable rent, so very very happy about that.

The real jewel of my experience has been the past week – classes started off with a bang! My group consists of 16 international actors with various experience levels, which add to the richness of the interaction and I was very impressed by the level of professionalism, skill and passion everyone has, including the lecturers!

And on Wednesday past, I was awarded one of the school’s scholarships amounting to £1,000.00 paid towards my tuition fees. Wow, that brought tears to my eyes!

I’m also about to launch a phase 2 fundraising/crowdfunding initiative while i juggle coursework, and plans for employment in the very near future.

Thank you again so very much for your support!

As far as moneys go, I’ve managed to raise enough for tuition fees up till Year 2 Term 2 (balance being 1 term), so whatever I raise now will go towards the fulfillment of the 2 years. For accommodation and living expenses, the need is more pressing for first year. (when i confirm employment that will really help, so I’m living on a tight budget haha)
Asides from that, I’m loving my frozen fingers, eating more fruits and berries, and bossing it up here!

More photos and vids of my adventures on Instagram

Cheers & Love! Stephanie