Find Your Voice with Me


In-Person and Online classes that specialise in preparing young and experienced singers in developing their vocal technique, performing skills and stylistic range in singing for musicals, auditions, and concerts. The emphasis is on assisting the singer to fully realise their vocal potential, and performing skills including microphone technique, song interpretation and artistry.

Stephanie specialises in musical theatre, contemporary vocal styles with a foundation in classical singing techniques.

Singer-songwriters who are looking to develop their range, and strengthening their individual vocal signature while avoiding vocal strain may also apply.


Private lessons, Group Classes and Masterclasses that prepare singers and actors for the often nerve-wracking process of auditioning for musical theatre casting and examinations, and superstar voice coaching for competitions like The X Factor and The Voice UK.

Master audition skills, song rep, vocal technique, monologue prep, and acting technique. Each programme is designed to address the auditionee’s unique strengths and challenges, to bring out the best performance that they can achieve in the audition.

Private Sessions are conducted In-Person and Online.

For a Free Voice Assessment – email: with subject line “Superstar Voice Free” 


Want to learn singing but on a budget? Get a group together to learn singing together and build your confidence before you go solo!

Group singing classes are tailor-made to ease learning, build confidence and explore vocal technique, music awareness for beginning, intermediate and advanced singers. A range of genres are explored, and students learn from group practice and observing each other’s progress.

Each tailor-made programme concludes with a public performance.


I help women business owners and entrepreneurs who are struggling with a lack confidence and self-doubt, to command attention, lead powerfully and captivate their audience using their Voice.
Working with me, leads to an increase in getting more clients, revenue, confidence – and of course the ability to master your voice so that people want to listen.
For a Free Voice Assessment – email: with subject line “Superstar Voice Free” 
Stephanie's vocal lessons start from the very beginning. She makes sure we understand the foundations of vocal technique, including the physiological aspects.She uses simple yet effective exercises to help us understand the vocal process. She gives each of us sufficient attention based on our respective needs and objectives. She has the knack of identifying the problem areas and is creative in her efforts to rectify them. She can be strict when necessary, her effervescent personality makes learning singing seriously fun!
 Lenny Wan & Jean
Lenny Wan & Jean
Aspiring singers
How My Voice Got Me New Business - my journey for most of my life was to learn how to use my voice to speak my truths without the feeling people were judging me. Stephanie tells me she's now helping business owners use their voice to create business results. Now this I had to try for myself. In the process I learned what my natural voice sounds like and how to tune it towards my prospects and clients. Long story short. The next day I pulled in a business deal using the techniques Stephanie taught me!!! The results were so quick I couldn't believe it myself.
Maarten Van Rijn
Maarten Van Rijn
Business Owner
I wanted to enhance my vocal techniques to create a more memorable performance. Through the lessons I was able to explore my strengths and improve my weaknesses to be a better vocalist. Every lesson was so fun.
 Kristin Kan
Kristin Kan
I had a really important interview and meeting on a business I had just started. It was make or break. Stephanie made me think about my voice, how I hold myself, my attire, even the colours to wear and what glasses to don to make a powerful impact. We spoke about my motivation, she highlighted skills she noticed about be in no time at all. The meeting was a huge success for me and my company. If you want the tools to succeed I highly reccomend some sessions with her.
Managing Director, IT Training Company, London
Before classes with Stephanie, I didn't know what I was doing wrong (or right). Stephanie helped us build a foundation for singing by teaching us about breath and how sound is produced. She's very patient and allows us to make mistakes, and also guides us in building on those errors made so we can observe the changes in ourselves. I feel a lot more confident after half a year of classes with Stephanie! Thank you Steph!
Sudhan Nair
Sudhan Nair
Actor, Singer
Dr Eliza Berezina
Dr Eliza Berezina
University Lecturer


Local & International rates

  • Private Sessions

  • Group Sessions

  • Masterclass Workshop


Discounted packages for deserving students available, email

Terms & Conditions:

  • Classes only confirmed once payment made
  • No cancellation or postponement 24hrs before class commencement
  • No refunds once payment made
Stephanie has studied Voice with:
  • Bernadette Nagy,  London College of Music (“Carlotta” in Phantom of the Opera, Australian Tour)
  • Amanda Colliver, Opera Australia (vocal coach to Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge)
  • Caroline Maes, Canadian Soprano & Comic Actress
  • Cecelia Yap, celebrated Malaysian Soprano
  • Peter Ong, Tenor, Malaysia
  • Joshua Gui, Bass Baritone, Malaysia
  • Christina Gutekunst, Voice Lecturer, Author of “Voice into Acting” with John Gillett, East 15 Acting School, London
  • Colin Sadler, Voice Lecturer, East 15 Acting School, London
  • Sarah Case, Voice Coach, Shakespeare’s Globe Higher Ed, London