While you are sleeping
I’ll drop rose petals on you
I’ll adorn the wall with my heart
In lights
The sandwich and beer
from your first sleep here
when you wake,
because you stayed.
I hid your gift in my fragrance,
Deep in my cupboard
Till today.

While you are sleeping,
I’ll write you a letter I’ll never finish
The church bells will chime you awake
And you’ll never know
What I meant to say –

While you are sleeping
I’ll sneak away
Post-it notes to tell you
What you missed
What you’ll never get –

While you are sleeping
I’ll put your toys away
And make you a table
Where you can write your dreams,
All day –

While you are sleeping
I didn’t really care
If you woke
I’ll make a noise, I’ll plan our trip
I’ll pack your bags and
Leave mine unzipped –

While you are sleeping
The balloons may pop
The lights may knot
And the red velvet cake
May stale and harden

But while you sleep
I’ll watch you
Protect you
Be your warden
So that when you wake
You’ll shine at me
You’ll shine like suns
Your eyes like waterfalls
Drenching me
Quenching me

I’m parched
While you sleep.

Copyright © 2017 Stephanie Van Driesen

— This poem was inspired after I observed my MFA Acting (International) coursemates perform the Improv exercise “Sleeping Partner”. Each had to perform 3 activities without waking the said partners. To wake them up would mean to deal a game changer for both. So yeah, high stakes peeps!

you got an emotional impression. I found it so sweet that almost every single one of them wanted to gift their sleeping partners. There’s love in the room indeed 

Now, maybe I’ll turn this into a song?!? Hehe watcha think Selva KumarWen Hung

East 15 Acting School University of Essex
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