You know that feeling when you can’t quite swim, and you cant quite sink? The very thing that you are focused on keeps you in a limbo of reaching but not quite getting. Buoyant but submerged?

Thats probably the best way I can describe being here at East 15 at the moment.

I wished the days doubled up and we could repeat each class twice so my muscles could remember what she said,he said,we spoke of.

That my sweat could run again and ache the same way it did when it clicked in my brain that what my voice and body was doing made sense.

When the text that i had memorized, that had previously made my cranium crack with Blank Verse, bellow out of my Balloon and affect the Imaginary Focus Point out on the topmost gallery of the Shakespeare’s Globe of my mind?

There are not enough breaths, not enough hours to devour all of these words and wisdom and stories that filled our senses this past week. Thank you Robin, Leon, Sonia, Jonathan.
Through your instruction i am that much closer to mastery and ever deeper in love with the Bard.

When i was 16, after watching a production of The Merchant of Venice done by RSC performed in Malaysia, there was this visceral feeling in me that what i really wanted was to immerse in Shakespeare and be able to speak it, feel it, perform it in England on a great stage, and one day work with the RSC.

Well they do say dreams come true. Haha…

On December 2, 2017, i will be performing the role of Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing on Shakespeare’s Globe stage together with my fellow coursemates at East 15 Acting School.

Not everyone is invited, but if you’re in London i may very well be able to sneak you in … *wink wink*

“What a day it has been, what a fair mood I’m in, why its almost like being in love….”

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—-💋—- BLOG #0005 #StephinUK
I’m here in London because all of you got me here! My #SendStephtoUKcrowdfunding initiative to support my East 15 Acting School Masters adventure this October has been hugely successful in raising the initials funds needed to begin. I’m super grateful & will keep you all updated. Stay tuned!